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Who we are and what we do

About Us


​​​Olde Thyme Herbal is a small herbal farm that custom crafts products in small batches . 

The farm grows, dries, and wildcrafts the herbs used in all Olde Thyme Herbal Products.  

Whatever is not grown on the the farm  it is locally sourced from other like minded farms.

Starting May 17th we will be at Bandon Marketplace every Friday and Saturday from 9=4.  See you there.   

****All products are custom crafted with all natural and organic ingredients in small batch processing.****

Natural Products


 Our promise to you

Provide herbal products that are good for you and good for your body.  

 No chemicals are ever used in the products or in the land where they are  grown.

Most herbs used in our products are grown on the Olde Thyme Herbal (OTH) Farm or sourced locally from like-minded farms.

All dried herbs we sell come from our farm.

A quality product at a quality price.  Being natural shouldn't cost  you an arm and leg.  It should be affordable. You can count on us to have the highest quality products for you..   

Our Products

The Farm


 Our farming practices are sustainability, permaculture, and an organic approach.

Herbs growing on the Farm for our nature medicine

Lemon Grass

White Sage


Elder Berry Tree

Hawthorne Tree


Fennel Seed
Lemon Balm

​And so many more that are wildcrafted


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Olde Thyme Herbal, LLC

Southern Oregon Coast - North Bend

(541) 756-5955